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Seven Days


No phones to distract you, no jobs, no family, no lists, no goals.

No pressure, no alarm clock and nobody looking over your shoulder.

With time and space at your disposal, in the midst of glorious nature, in the heart of summer, what would you do?

Retreat. Re treat yourself. Rejuvenate, revitalise reenergise. You see where I’m going here.

There are several dictionary definitions of the word.

To move back or withdraw

To withdraw to a quiet or secluded place

Change ones mind or plans as a result of criticism or difficultly

A signal for military force to withdraw

A quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax

A period or place of seclusion for here purposes of prayer and meditation

A decline in the value of shares

Any one of these or a combination of these is right, but to me they all sound the place of the wounded and helpless or to be patched up and helped.

Surely it’s the other way around?

To me a retreat is joyful, it’s curious, it’s hopeful, it’s bringing that resilient you back into your world. In a retreat you take yourself somewhere and that is back to you.

Retreats used to be a once in a lifetime or once in a while sojourn into solitude to meditate and muse. A place to recuperate no less. Today it’s all kinds of things . Yes maybe it’s yoga and detoxing. Maybe it’s life drawing or learning to cook. Maybe it’s mastering baking or sewing. It’s about diving into something. Not specifically away. I much prefer the notion that you are diving into something, away from the daily routine. And maybe that something is just you.

Maybe the content of what you do in this space is irrelevant. It’s not fixed and neither are you. It’s where you become water and flow through the cracks, filling up your vessel to your hearts content.

What could you do in seven days?

Hear coaches Rebecca Perkins and Kimberly Hare show you. how they can guide you to finding your creative potential at the seven days retreat in Romania this August.

10–17 August. Camp David. Romania

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